Our Projects

Luxury Homes

A beautiful luxury home will stand out from any other property in a community. Such a great property should be produced with the utmost care. Our work often entails the production of attractive and unique luxury homes.

We focus on producing attractive and distinct luxury homes that are unlike anything else. We work by utilizing a particular layout and floor plan based on each client’s needs. A floor plan can be organized based on where certain rooms are to go, the utilities that will be used and even the specific types of rooms that are going to be established.luxury home inside garden

We work with many details for each luxury home. Such details include architectural designs that can be inspired by any format one wants to work with. We also work with plans for producing a great color scheme and layout that fits well with the design of the home and even efforts to allow a great amount of lighting to work in any spot.

The landscape features around the home must be planned well too. A great landscape might come with special features such as a distinct custom walkway or even some shrubs that are to be trimmed to a very specific shape. Whatever the case is, you can trust us with planning a landscape that adds a nice look to your property.

Luxury homes are intended to be special and outstanding in their appearance. Contact us if you need assistance with getting any kind of special high-end home produced in your local area.


Apartment Building

Every apartment building comes with various units that fit in with specific needs. Some units might be large enough for an entire family to live in. Others might be designed for single or double-occupancy needs. Other buildings might come with high-end units that are specifically designed for those who are willing to spend a little extra.

We offer design solutions for producing great apartment buildings for all uses. We make buildings designed with particular residential needs in mind based on individual floor plans. You can use a series of individual plans while determining a specific number of such rooms that will use those floor plans. This could include some of the smaller units being more prominent than others while the high-end ones would be less frequent but still designed to be a little more unique.

Each apartment building is planned with a layout where every unit links up well within a singular building. We can even produce multi-story buildings that use stairs on the outside or even an elevator if desired.

Courtyards and other public spaces may also be organized. A community pool and tennis court among other attractions for apartment complex residents could be planned around the ends of a space to create a nice space.

The utilities around the apartment building should also be organized with individual connections for every unit. Check with us to see how such a unit can be organized with these particular utilities in mind to produce a great building that has a standout look while having all the necessary functions on hand.


Vacation Cottage

As you plan a vacation cottage, you have to produce a building with an attractive appearance that is more than just nice to spend some time at. It needs to be a space that is conducive to the beautiful spot you want to enjoy a good vacation at.

vacation cottageA beautiful vacation cottage needs to come with a simple yet luxurious feel to it. A cottage could come with a distinct single-floor body with a roof that peaks in the middle, for instance.

You could also get a cottage that features a series of rock accents all around. These include accents where a wall or other surface is made with rocks bound together to add a classic and natural look.

Wide open front and back porches can be added to a cottage too. Such a building will feature a nice design that features wood or metal borders and enough room for relaxing, cooking and other things.

Even detached properties can work on a vacation cottage ground. Such properties may include things like a shed for gardening or maintenance purposes. A guest room building could be established too. Anything that adds a special look to your property is always worthwhile.

These are all just simple things that you could consider when getting a vacation cottage ready. Whatever it is you might be interested in, you can trust us for the demands you have for producing a quality vacation cottage. Our main effort is to produce a nice appearance that gives you a good look that you are bound to love sporting in your home.



An interesting part about a duplex is that there are no real rules as to how you can make one of these buildings up. While many people prefer to use a mirror layout where the floor plan is the same on each half, some people like to use a few variants on those plans in various instances. These might occur in the event of certain limitations in a local area or just on a client’s desires to produce something nice and specific in its look.

You could choose to produce a duplex where one half has fewer bedrooms than the other and maybe a larger recreational or multi-purpose room. You might also build a duplex where one half has a specific landscaping pattern that is different from what the other half uses.

Whatever the case is, we will assist you with building a duplex that has an outstanding look to it. We can help with figuring out a floor plan for both halves and determining if identical plans should work or if a few changes can work between each side to establish a better look.

Whatever the case may be, we are very flexible with getting a duplex built. Such a property could even be built in one of many styles. A Colonial style can work but a rustic or Georgian influence may be used as well. Our goal is to create precise measurements on both sides that fit in with the extremely specific needs you hold. A proper boundary will also be established to create a nice style while ensuring the two properties involved will still be separate in some manner.